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Illustrasjonsbilde: Vekst og fakturering
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E-Invoicing, what is it?

You may be wondering what E-invoicing is or if this is something you need to consider. EHF or Electronic Trading Format, is a Norwegian adaptation to a common European invoice format.

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Free accounting software

With the free package in Catacloud, you can use the system completely free of charge if you do not have as many vouchers, and we have not limited any of the functionality you get.

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Product solutions

From paper to the cloud

The digitalisation trend, if you can call it that, has been going on for some years now, but what have we got out of this in today's accounting programs?

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Regnskaps- og skattepapirer
Help articles

Standard VAT codes

Catacloud was built on standards and uses only standardized VAT codes, so if you use our system you do not have to think about changes.

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