User agreement

Last updated: 14 June 2023 – Version 2.

The user agreement has been entered into between the parties

Supplier: Catacloud AS, organization number 919 875 038 hereinafter referred to as Supplier, Catacloud or Catacloud AS.

User/customer: The person who has registered as a user of the system ("customer").


The agreement: This agreement between Catacloud and customer.

The solution: The system that is available on and used by the user.



The agreement and changes

The agreement is approved electronically by the customer upon registration in the System. Any updates to agreements are presented to the customer and approved when logging in.

Scope - the whole solution is considered a solution.

The agreement includes all services available on the entire solution under all applications below and


Rights and duties


Catacloud's rights and obligations

  • Catacloud AS shall correct errors as soon as possible. Catacloud AS will inform you as a customer continuously during the correction of any errors and deficiencies.
    • Our customers have a contact point by reporting errors and / or deficiencies, as well as reporting wishes for further development of the solution.
  • Catacloud AS invests a lot of resources in sound server operation via AWS to ensure the optimal degree of uptime.
  • Catacloud AS will map and analyze the use of the system, but only to adapt the functionality and logic of the system for you as customers, as well as actively contribute with advice and reminders on an ongoing basis. No information will be disclosed to potential third parties or third party products, about users or clients, without the active consent of the parties.

  • Catacloud AS has the right to change price and pricing model with a notification period of 2 months (term). Catacloud AS will invoice monthly in arrears according to the customer's choice and consumption.
  • Catacloud is not responsible for the content of data registered by the customer in the system, nor for the customer's use of the system. This means, for example, that Catacloud is not responsible for reporting accounting data.
  • Catacloud can provide access to those who are registered with the signature right to the company in Brønnøysund.
  • The customer shall indemnify Catacloud for all costs and losses incurred by Catacloud as a result of a third party claiming that the customer's data or use of the system is in violation of third party intellectual property rights.
  • CatacCloud's any liability under this User Agreement, including attachments, shall be limited to direct losses. Indirect losses are not covered. Indirect losses include, for example, loss of profit, loss due to outages, loss of data, loss of loss and claims from third parties. The claim for compensation may under no circumstances exceed 50% of the total annual remuneration.


The customer's rights and obligations

  • Customer has ownership of registered data.
  • Customer is responsible for processing registered personal data. See also the appendix on the data processor agreement.
  • Customer will be able to change and delete data, provided that this is not in violation of laws and regulations. Deletion of registered accounting data can be done unintentionally and Catacloud will consequently take care of data for up to 1 year upon deletion.
  • The customer is fully responsible for information in the system as well as the quality assurance of data internally, but not least in relation to reporting to public authorities.


Price and invoicing


  • Subscription costs are invoiced in advance for the current calendar year, regardless of when in the year the agreement is created. The first invoice is issued on the 25th of the month the agreement is concluded. Current invoices are issued on 01.01.
  • Transaction costs are invoiced on 01.01 for the previous year.
  • Fixed additional costs, for example modules, are invoiced on the last day of each calendar month.


  • Subscription costs are invoiced on the 25th of each calendar month and apply to the current month.
  • Transaction costs are invoiced in arrears on the 25th of each calendar month.
  • Fixed additional costs, for example modules, are invoiced on the 25th of each calendar month and apply to the current month.


In the following situation, Catacloud AS has the option to close the user on a short or permanent basis:

  • In case of non-payment.
  • In case of abuse and dishonest intentions.
  • In case of suspicion of unauthorized access, but then at the same time as the user will be contacted by SMS and / or email.


  • The user agreement accompanies the product and can be transferred for mergers or purchases of products / companies.
  • Catacloud AS can and will contact the customer via the company's e-mail address, registered under the company's administration page (upon creation).
  • The agreement is subject to Norwegian law with Vestfold District Court as venue.