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Before you start invoicing

Before you start invoicing, it might be good to have gone through this checklist we have made for you.

If you've set up your company and you're ready to start invoicing, you may want to review a few things. Here we have a small checklist:

  1. The company details are entered and correct (address, etc.)
  2. Logo (optional; to put your own stamp on the invoices)
  3. Bank account so the money goes to the right place account

All these things can be found in the module called Administration, where you will find all settings and options for setting up the company in Catacloud. You can find the modules if you press the menu symbol in the top left corner. Then press on Administration as indicated in the image below:

The company details

Under the administration module you will find many choices. In the menu on the left you can find the choice for Company details during the grouping for Company information. Here you have different fields for address, contact information and you can also change the name of the company if you operate with a different external name than that registered in public registers. Then fill in all applicable fields. All fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory.

If you selected the company in the list of suggestions, or filled in the optional fields, when you set up the company in Catacloud, you will usually have an address and perhaps some contact information already filled in.


If you press the tab Logo under Company details you get the option to upload a logo for your company (see image below). The file types that can be used here are jpg, jpeg, png or gif. Recommended size is 200x75px. Once you have selected the file you will see a preview. Then press the button Upload logo to save the new logo you have found.

Bank account

If you have not previously entered a bank account number, this must be registered now, so that an invoice can be created. Further down in the menu on the left, you will find Bank. Press this to bring up the module settings for Catacloud's bank module. You will first see a list of all the bank accounts set up at the company. In this case, a standard has been set account, but we have not registered an account number. Press Missing account number, and then fill in the field marked with a red star (see the next picture below).

Once you have done this, press Save Changes before closing the window as shown in the image above. You have now updated your account number and are ready to send an invoice!

If you wish, you can now select the option Invoice in the menu on the left to customize your invoices. For example, you can choose the option Next invoice number if you do not want the invoicing to start with invoice number 1. You can also enter standard messages on your invoices, if desired. You can also read more about ours invoice module here.

Good luck!

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