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How to bill in Catacloud?

Here we have a small guide on how to invoice in Catacloud. Here are some things you should think about or be aware of before you start invoicing.

Here we have a small guide on how to invoice in Catacloud. But first; Here are some things you should think about or know before you start invoicing:

  • Customer
    You can easily create a customer while filling out the invoice or search for one you already have in your customer register in Catacloud. A customer can be a company / organization or an individual. When you create a customer who is not a private person, you have the opportunity to search and retrieve data from The Brønnøysund registers. If you have filled in contacts or customer manager on a customer, reference fields are filled in automatically.
  • Product
    When you create an invoice, you add products as invoice lines. You can create this along the way or retrieve it from your product register in Catacloud. Note that an invoice line must be a product, but that quantity, unit, price and discount can be overridden for each line.
  • Bank account
    When you created the company in Catacloud, you were asked to fill in a bank account number, but this is optional in the start-up. Therefore, it is important that you fill in your bank account number before you start invoicing. If you have not filled in this, but have filled in the form for the invoice, you can only save the invoice as a draft for later.

Some optional fields with explanation

  • Their reference (Your contact person at the customer)
    This can be nice, especially in larger companies where they want to know who you talked to or had an agreement with to send the invoice.
  • Our reference (The contact person your customer has with you)
    In many cases, this is you, since it is you who fills out the invoice. The default for this field in Catacloud is the name of the customer responsible for the selected customer.
  • Order reference
    This can be a reference or code the customer has to link the invoice to work performed or an order they have made with you, which is the reason why the invoice is sent.

Dispatch of invoice

When you send an invoice, it is important that it arrives. We are working on possibilities for several methods of dispatch, but Catacloud currently has support for these delivery methods:

  • EHF invoice (B2B Only) *
    Sent digitally and saves time at the recipient because data can be retrieved and guidance can be pre-filled. There is also support for several attachments that can be uploaded in forms. Note that you must activate EHF and the recipient must also have EHF activated.
    You can read more about EHF invoicing here.
  • Email
    Sent out of our e-mail server with easy access to payment details in the e-mail, as well as the possibility of more attachments that can be uploaded in the form.
  • Print locally (for manual transmission)
    Maybe you should send the invoice with an item or want to send it yourself in another way so you can do this here.
  • Mailing*
    If you have filled in the postal address of the customer, you can send it by post. There is an additional cost for postage.

Note! If you miss any choices with you, it is because it only comes up what is possible based on what is activated on your client and what is filled in and activated by the customer.

* Additional costs may apply, see the price overview.

This is how you proceed to invoice

  1. Click «New invoice / order»button under the Invoice module (or on the overview / dashboard).
  2. Select customer, delivery method, post products such as invoice / order lines and fill out any other optional information. We recommend that you attach a message that says something about what the invoice is about if it does not appear in any other way.
  3. Click "Create invoice"button.

Customization and logo

In addition to the choice of language in which the invoice is to be generated, you have the option of uploading a separate logo that appears at the top of your invoices. To do this, navigate to "Administration", then "Company Details" and then "logo". Here you can click the "Select file" button and find the image you want as a logo. Check that the preview looks good and click "Upload logo" to upload and save the logo.

Bilde av logo-opplasting som brukes for fakturering

You are now ready to send your first invoice in Catacloud! Just click here to log in and start billing.

Here you can also read more about The invoice module in Catacloud.

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