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How to keep vouchers in Catacloud?

You have created your company in Catacloud and are ready to keep a voucher. It could perhaps be an incoming invoice or another document. Here you can see how it should be done...

You have created your company in Catacloud and are ready to keep some accounts. It may be an incoming invoice or another document. In Catacloud we support these document types:

  • Supplier invoice
    These are incoming invoices, ie something you have bought or an expense. This is the most common way to keep a voucher. Here you can divide the cost if it is to be distributed over several cost accounts or choose accrual if the cost is to be distributed over several periods.
  • Customer invoice
    This is whether you should register outgoing invoices, ie if you have sold something. When you send an invoice in Catacloud, it is automatically entered in the accounts, so this choice is whether you have sent an invoice from another system.
  • Customs declaration
    When you are going to carry an item you have bought with customs from abroad. This is to properly register customs and reporting fees.
  • Bank statement (Under development)
    This is to register a bank statement and to do a manual bank reconciliation. You will be given a choice of bank account and the period to which it applies in order to then be able to compare it with the accounts kept for the period.
  • Advanced appendix
    When you register a document that does not fit under the types above, you can register an advanced document. Here you get direct access to keep debit and credit and we make sure that the voucher is in balance.

We want to make the management of vouchers as simple and clear as possible in Catacloud. You therefore have the opportunity to, among other things, make a payment at the same time as keeping an invoice, and we are actively working to expand the options for easy document keeping with different document types. Among other things, it is planned to include expenses and travel expenses as an alternative in the form.

This is how you proceed to keep a voucher

Document listing in Catacloud is not really a hocus-pocus and can be done on 1-2-3. We can definitely tell you more about choosing a general ledger account and VAT codes, but you can read about that in other articles here. We also work to automate most of the direct data entry to simplify the job of documenting.

  1. You can either take a file as a starting point or create the document without a file / attachment. (We are working on a way to add documents / attachments at a later time)
    • With file: If you want to start with a file you have in the document reception, you can click open documents on the document you want to use. If you do not have the file in the document receipt, upload it first.
      You have three ways to upload to the voucher reception:
      1. Drag and drop files into the browser when you are on the document receipt page. (Some older browsers do not support this)
      2. Click the "Upload" button in the document reception, you will be asked to find one or more files you want to upload. Confirm the upload option.
      3. At the top of the voucher reception, there is a yellow notice line with an e-mail address that applies to their voucher reception. Attachments sent to this e-mail will appear in the document receipt as long as they are of a supported format (PDF, JPG, PNG).
    • Without file: Click the "New Document" button in the accounting module.
  2. Select the correct document type and fill out the form.
    Here it varies quite a lot depending on which document type you have chosen.
  3. Click «Save and post»button to save and post the document.

Note! You can make changes to a document at any time as long as the period is not locked. Catacloud will then reverse the transactions after the original document and record the updates, as new transactions. All history is in the system so you can look back at what corrections have been made and who edited the document.

You are now ready to keep your first voucher in Catacloud! Just click here to log in and start accounting.

Here you can also read more about The accounting module in Catacloud.

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