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Create a customer

Here is a small guide for creating a customer in Catacloud and insight into some of the data that can be stored on the customer.

Customers are an essential part of every company's everyday life. When you are in the customer module, which you can find in the menu in the top left corner, you will see a button in the top left for "New customer". You can click here to create a new customer. It is also possible to create a customer during the registration of, for example, an invoice or a voucher by starting to write the name of a customer who does not exist.

Customer details

When you have clicked on "New customer" either in the customer module or via the customer lookup, you will get a dialog box. If you came via a notice and you started to write the name of the company, we will automatically fill this in so you are already in the process of registering the customer. You must first decide whether the customer is a business or a private person. If the customer you are registering is a company, we will automatically look it up in a company register* while you enter the name. If you choose one of the companies we have looked up, we will take all the information we receive and fill in the fields with data we have available from the register.

*This only applies in the countries where we have implemented integration with a company register

In addition to name, customer number and contact information, you have the option of entering a note and an account manager. Note that the e-mail address entered here will be suggested for invoicing if an invoice e-mail address has not been entered under the tab for invoicing. In the Address tab, you can specify both the visiting address and the postal address. This is usually obtained from the company register if you found the company there.

Billing settings

Under the Billing tab, you can specify a number of standard options for this customer. When you create an invoice, these options will appear as standard and you can optionally override this per invoice. You can set a desired currency, desired language, enter a discount or the number of due days that you have agreed with the customer. On delivery, you can specify how the customer should receive the invoices you send and you will be given a choice based on what is available. If the customer has registered for receipt of EHF (e-invoice) or you have entered a postal address, the choice of delivery by EHF or post will appear as a choice. You also have the option to specify an invoice e-mail here as mentioned earlier.

Under bank account, you can enter the customer's bank account, which can be used if it becomes necessary to repay an amount later. It is also possible to add contact persons for the customer with contact details so it is saved handy to keep track of who you have spoken to or have an agreement with at the customer's place and this will be used for invoicing when you have to specify a reference person on an invoice .

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