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Transfer data from Nettlønn

If you want to use Nettlønn with Catacloud, this is a guide for transferring data from Nettlønn to Catacloud. This is easily done by exporting and importing voucher data in the GBAT10 format.

If you have come to the point where you need to pay salaries and use Catacloud for accounting, it is easy to use Net salary. Here we have made a small guide for you, so you can easily transfer data to Catacloud. We do not have a total integration with Nettlønn yet, but support import via Mamut GBAT10 format.

Export of GBAT10 in Nettlønn

Skjermbilde av meny for eksport i Nettlønn

When you have logged in to Nettlønn and found the company (if you have several) from which to extract the payrolls, it is Export to accounts you have to choose. This can be found under the UtInn menu item. You will then have a number of choices where you scroll. chooses which payroll run it applies. Under the field Accounting system you select Mamut GBAT10 (Tripletex et al. Only accounting documents) as shown in the screenshot below. You do not need to think about the fields for the desired document number or document type / document type since this is overridden when importing into the system.

Note that you will receive an error message if any of the accounts for the entries do not exist in the system. If you want to change which accounts Nettlønn uses by default, you can do this in Nettlønn below System setup and Other accounts.

Skjermbilde av bilagseksport i Nettlønn

Import of GBAT10 in Catacloud

Once you have downloaded the file from Nettlønn, import it into Catacloud. You will find the button for import when you are at the Document Reception. Select type GBAT10 as in Nettlønn, and find the file (s) to be imported. It is possible to import several files at once. At the bottom left of the Document Import window, you also have the option to automatically post the document. if imported without error. If you do not choose to post automatically, it will create an advanced document in the document reception which you can review and change if, for example, there is something wrong or you want to give a different description. If the descriptions are not correct with æøå, there may be an incorrect character set.

Skjermbilde for å overføre bilags-data fra import i Catacloud

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