We have created a page for integration administration where you can easily look through documentation, see examples and get started with your own integration or module in Catacloud. Get in touch if you want an introduction or click through to the developer portal.


Here are some of the things you can access to retrieve or manage via the API:

Easy start with SDK

We have plans to develop an SDK that you can easily include in your project. Initially, this will be delivered in JavaScript / TypeScript via NPM, but we welcome suggestions for further developer tools and other SDKs.

We will also publish more integrations ourselves, which we will do Open Source so you can contribute or just see how we have used our own SDK to integrate other systems.

Better together

There are endless possibilities when we work together. Therefore, we at Catacloud want to make it as easy as possible for any developer to create an integration or application that connects and helps to make Catacloud a hub for the company's data.

We hope you will join the journey and develop with us!