Modules make it easy and clear to find your way in Catacloud, even if the system has many functions. The modules focus on their respective areas while having tight integrations with each other so that you get maximum efficiency when using the system.

Our modules


Simple overview of the company

Customize the overview to show what is relevant to you so you are ready as soon as you log in.


Easier than ever

We have innovated in accounting and make it as easy as you have never seen it done before.


Send bills and keep track easily

Here you get full control of invoices that you have sent out and can easily send a reminder or payment reminder.


Have a good overview of your customers

We gather everything that has to do with the customer under one roof so you always find the information you are looking for.


Simple overview of suppliers

Overall and simple, keep track of incoming invoices and agreements with suppliers.


Finally order the contacts

Whether it is customers, employees or just acquaintances, here you get an overview with good integrations.


Keep track of products and services

Here you can enter and get an overview of products and services that you enter on invoices and offers.


Order of progress and development

Timekeeping, tasks, file storage and progress plan to complete and achieve goals. New ways to digitize interaction.


Share and organize your files in the cloud

With fast, secure and easy file management throughout the platform and many modules.

Upcoming modules


Get bills and payouts in order
Connect the accounts to the bank for quick and easy bank reconciliation and payments of bills and other payments.


Get a good overview and advance hours easily
This is a continuation of the time registration tool that is already part of Catacloud in a better package with more functionality.


Manage your time and get an overview of your working day
Nice and good calendar overview of what is stored in Catacloud, whether it is appointments, hours, tasks or birthdays and anniversaries.

Extensions and integrations

Payroll driving in Catacloud is done in collaboration with NettLønn.

NettLønn payroll module is intuitive, scalable and easy to use - with a number of built-in functions for quick registration of payroll items, which will provide a completely new experience of entering payroll.


We are working hard to bring out more extensions and integrations to Catacloud. We import the GBAT10 format for attachments and are also working on a complete API that allows Catacloud to be integrated into anything.

Userinterface and availability

One of our great passions in Catacloud is the graphical interface and user experience. We have developed Catacloud so that it adapts to all screens, everything from smartphones to large screens. Much of our focus has been on removing noise and creating a clear and intuitive user interface as possible. It does not help to have many advanced features without a good user interface. Many of our customers are amazed at how easy it is to get to know and learn the system. They recognize themselves and understand where it is natural to find what they are looking for.
Catacloud på forskjellige enheter
"It's like I've used Catacloud before, even though it's my first time seeing it!"
Vegard E. Pettersen