The banking module in Catacloud makes your bank available right in the system! So that you don't have to go to the online bank.

Always updated balance

Have a full overview and control of what is in which account at all times.

Bank reconciliation and overview

View and search all transactions from the bank and reconcile the accounts in real time.

Payment and approval

When you create a payment through Catacloud, you sign it with BankID as you do in the bank.

The service supports the company forms AS, ASA, ANS, ENK, FLI, BRL, ESEK, SAM, NUF, DA, SA and STI, and requires a company account (also for ENK)
(Support for further forms of company will be forthcoming)

Online banking + Accounting = true

One less system to deal with is always nice. We want to make your online banking redundant with the banking module in Catacloud.

Combine accounts from multiple banks

Catacloud can collect an overview and streamline the company even with several accounts in different banks.

Get more out of your data

By collecting data from the bank with the accounts, Catacloud can make everyday life easier and smarter.

Domestic and foreign payments

You can quickly and easily make payments in Catacloud. Get the best rates on currency exchange and see what you will pay before approval and signing.

No additional fees

The banks charge large fees for foreign payments. If you make the payment via Catacloud, only what you see in the confirmation is paid. No hidden costs.

Bank-avstemming i Catacloud

Bank reconciliation

In the bank module, you also have the option to vote continuously. If you do not have an integrated bank, you can still reconcile against an import file or PDF (manually).

Automation and suggestions

The system works with you and finds matching lines. By collecting more information, you get smarter and better suggestions.

Vote and close period

When reconciling, you get to close the period so that it cannot be entered against the account in the reconciled period. This way you get fewer errors.

Get started with the banking module

You can easily get started with bank integration in 1-2-3.

Activate bank integration

Under the setting for Bank in the Administration module, check the box for bank integration and select "Open Banking (ZTL)".

Complete and sign agreement with ZTL (payment provider)

When you have activated bank integration with ZTL, you will be sent to a form for an agreement with ZTL.

Link your bank account

In the overview of bank accounts, there is now an option to connect to an account. You will then be sent to login with BankID.