The billing module in Catacloud is perfectly designed for you who want to do the job quickly and easily! Get started with invoicing in 1-2-3.

Full overview

Full overview of the company's outgoing invoices. Easy follow-up with payment, reminder or debt collection.

CID number

Automatic registration of payments saves a lot of time. Easy to set up and use. *

EHF invoicing

Use EHF for easy and secure invoicing and make the job easy for an accountant. *

* Some services are extra and require extra setup, you can look more at our prices here.
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Adapted to touch and mobile

Get a full overview when you are on the go. Sending reminders or registering payment on mobile or tablet is no problem. The display adapts to the screen size so on mobile you will be able to see an invoice as a card, while on a computer it is displayed in a list. You can also choose to change the display manually. The cards or items in the list have quick selections that are selected based on the invoice status and where you are in the system.

Easy handling

With handy quick actions, you increase your productivity. Whether it is to create a new invoice based on another, handle payments or to solicit an invoice. Everything you do in the invoice module is automatically entered and reflected in the accounts as you can see more about accounts in Catacloud here.
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Live preview

Get a preview of the invoice that updates automatically with changes you make so you know exactly what the customer wants to see. It is very easy to add your own logo so the invoices you send get a distinctive touch. If you send the invoice by e-mail through Catacloud, we will include the payment information in the e-mail so it is quick and easy to pay.

Get started with invoicing

In this short introductory video to the invoice module, you will get a quick and easy introduction to how to send your first invoice in Catacloud.