Are you considering changing accounting software? Then we will make it easy for you. Here you will find out what you need to make the transfer as stress-free and smooth as possible. Let's get straight to the point.

Which accounting program? 🤷🏻‍♀️

There can be several good reasons for changing accounting software, and you must be aware of what is important to you. Here are 4 key points you should think about:

1. Is it difficult to use?

There is a big difference between different accounting programs. When you are going to change accounting software, you should look for something that seems understandable and intuitive to you. In addition, you should look for support resources that can help you get started with the program you are considering, such as videos, articles and support should you need it.

2. Does it have everything I need?

Not all programs will be a good match for your needs. You should therefore carefully examine whether the accounting program has the functionality you need, particularly if you work in a sector with industry-specific requirements and needs. For an overview of Catacloud's functionality you can see here.

3. What does it cost?

Accounting software prices vary significantly, and the choice of software can have a big impact on your overall costs. Remember to look carefully at the framework conditions - both what you pay fixed, as well as costs for vouchers, EHF invoices, additional users and other functionality. After all, it is the final sum that is decisive.

For an overview of our prices you can see here.

4. Is the system easy to switch to?

Changing accounting programs is a process many people find a bit cumbersome and cumbersome (after all, you have better things to spend your time on). It is therefore a great advantage if you find an accounting program that is not too difficult to switch to. Research whether the program you are considering has an easy transfer process. Also remember to check whether the transfer takes a long time, and whether you have to pay for the transfer.

With Catacloud, you can easily manage the transfer yourself! For help with both transfer and functionality, you can find lots of good information in our help center. Should you still need it, we will be happy to assist (of course at no extra cost).


The transfer itself, step by step 🚀

1. Exit and export

To switch accounting programs, you must first close the accounting in the system you are switching from. To do this, you must first do the following in the system you are migrating from:

    • Reconcile bank account for the months you have used the previous accounting program (current year to date)

    • Post vouchers until the end of the month

    • End VAT notification (NB: You should wait to change the accounting system until the current VAT period is closed, as open VAT records will not be included in the transfer.)

Once this is done, you export a SAF-T file. This is a file type that the vast majority of accounting systems can export, as this became a statutory standard from January 2020. If you are unsure how to export a SAF-T file, you can contact your current supplier.

2. Create an account in the new system

Now you are almost ready for the transfer to the accounting program you have chosen! Choose the subscription you want and get started with the registration. To choose the Catacloud subscription that suits you best, see our prices page.

3. Transfer the data to a new accounting program

Now the numbers from the previous system must be transferred to the new one. If the accounting program you are moving to supports it, you can easily load the SAF-T file you exported from the previous accounting program. This contains the data that will now be transferred to the new system, and in Catacloud the SAF-T file is read automatically. For a careful review of how this works, you can read more here. You can also see this walkthrough on how to import SAF-T files into Catacloud:

Accounting data must be kept for at least 5 years

You are imposed to keep the accounts for five years. Therefore, make sure that you are sure that this is kept with your previous supplier (or accountant), or that you keep the information yourself. It is not unusual to export this data from your previous system and store it yourself in a safe place (for example Catacloud's Files module). 

Still stressed about switching accounting programs? 🙄

Or have you recently migrated to Catacloud and have any questions? 👩‍💻 Don't hesitate to get in touch, and we'll help you reach your goal! We can be reached by e-mailchat (see the button in the bottom right corner) or by phone (+47) 96003377 💬

We also have one help center with help articles, and more and more help videos on YouTube.