Free accounting software

It is easy to refuse to get into a new or change system. There can often be more costs than expected. And when you do not have complete control over what it will cost, it can quickly become despair. That's why we want to give you Catacloud as a free accounting system! At least until you get started and get it tested properly.

Catacloud is free until you exceed the limits you can see in the price list for our free package. Most other accounting programs have a time-limited or function-limited free package, but with us you get a package you can manage with if you have a company with very little activity.


We want your costs to be predictable so that you can easily control expenses. We have made an overview where you can see what you have used and what the estimated cost for this month will be, as well as the full history, easily available inside the system.

Estimat fra betalingsgrunnlag
Ex. estimate: Always full control of your costs

Complete functionality

There are no restrictions on the free package you receive from us at Catacloud. Most people who offer free accounting software often provide functionality limitations and annoying alerts and messages that you need to upgrade to a paid version. We know how hard it can be to start something new and therefore want to make it as easy as possible for you to have the accounts in order.

As our system becomes smarter and more can be done automatically, you will benefit from this as soon as it is available. A lot of time and money can be saved here!

Great financial benefits

If you use the free package with us and manage the included 7 transactions a month, you can save at least NOK 1,788 * a year against other similar systems! And this is before extra expenses per transaction and other things that come up.

With some money saved, it is easier to start up, as you need less buffer and less equity. And if you choose to keep your own accounts in Catacloud, you can save even more. Or you can spend the time on what you are best at and let an accountant do the work. Since we do not have any extra costs for users, you and other key people in the company will be able to get a full overview of the accounts at no extra cost. If you need an accountant, there are several very good accounting firms that use our systems and can offer a fixed price for accounting.

* Compared to prices taken from Tripletex's cheapest package September 2019

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