Update December 2023

Now 2023 is coming to an end and in this blog post we thought we would take you through what we have accomplished in 2023, as well as our biggest milestones. 

2023 has been a year of great growth and much change for Catacloud. 

IN January we launched document interpreter in Catacloud. A function that automatically reads vouchers and makes them ready for use. A step closer to a more efficient everyday life for our users. Both Dovlat and Adrian joined us on the developer side, and have enabled us to put an extra gear in development.
And while the winter darkness still lay above us, we used February to refine even more on, among other things, notifications, product categories and proportional VAT. 

When spring announced its arrival in March Kristian became a member of our team and today has the role of Marketing Manager. He takes care of building Catacloud's brand and produces our training videos. 

On the product side, March was the month in which we launched the mobile version in full. Catacloud can now be used seamlessly on mobile. 

While bluebells and whites peeped out in April, the integration with Maestro Annual Statement saw the light of day. Catacloud's customers can now seamlessly transfer their accounts to Maestro to carry out annual settlements.

May followed soon after with several key improvements. Among other things, locking of accounting periods and invoicing. 

While most Norwegians enjoyed the summer either at home or abroad, Florence became part of our team in June. She currently works as head of Customer Success and has a total overview of all dialogue and support with our customers. We are so happy to have Florence on the team!

After a lightning-quick summer holiday, we were back with a great start to the autumn and already in August the first new features began to blossom. Catacloud could now support salary processing through integration with Nettløn. In addition to a whole host of other improvements – of course. 

September didn't get any worse, and we continued to refine the system. Small and large changes were implemented both then and later on October. 

And before anyone could say "future-oriented accounting system", the year had come to an end. November brought with it a large and important system update that will facilitate much important functionality in the future and December gave us a happy message that we have been working on all year. On 21 December, Catacloud was approved as a financial system by the Danish authorities - and we couldn't be happier with the end of the year.

We would like to thank our most important employee - namely you! Whether you just follow from the sidelines or you use Catacloud daily, we are very grateful that you are with us. 

Our entire team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and we look forward more than ever to the future.

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