Update - June 2021

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Now in June we have launched a new major update of Catacloud with many exciting features. Much of this update is "under-the-hood", where we have made a lot of structural adjustments for files and to be able to add more files to an already entered attachment.

Design update 

We've updated our icons and worked a bit with colors to tone down some things and make other things more visible.

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File module

The big news in this update is definitely files. You may recognize yourself from file explorer or finder with the ability to drag and drop, right-click menus, copy and paste and tagging. We've also added quick shortcuts to send (copy) files to some sites, but you can easily select copy and paste when you're in another site.

Filer modul skjermbilde

We have also taken the functions for split and merge PDF files as in the document reception. You can also now easily rename a file, folder or attachment (in the attachment reception) by clicking on the name or through the right-click menu.

Files are also fully integrated into customer cards, vendor cards and projects, so you can store the documents where they belong. You will get some storage included (based on which package you have chosen), but you can also buy more storage that can be viewed at our prices here

Attachments to vouchers

It is now possible to add files afterwards after you have posted a voucher. You have a new tab on the document window that was only visible a few times before, called "Attachments". Here you can paste, drag and drop to upload or download a file from another part of the file system in Catacloud (if you already have the file somewhere in Catacloud). We hope this allows you to get an easier and more overview. There is no limit to how many attachments you can store on a document, only the storage capacity you subscribe to.

Payment types

You can now enter your own payment types for other accounts, for example if you pay something privately or have several bank accounts. You can enter your own payment types for incoming and outgoing payments. You can not change the ones that are inside by default, but the ones you enter yourself you can also change afterwards.

You can find this below:
Administration> Accounting> Payment types

A few more different small changes and improvements

Sometimes it can be good to just get an overview of changes. There is not much exciting to say about all these different changes, but much of this is in demand we have heard in their feedback.

  • Customer and supplier ledger export and display improvements with IB and UB.
  • The company list is now organized under an agency for more overview if you run an accounting firm with many customers.
  • Quick tagging of tasks in the project board.
  • Project accounting report under project.
  • More sorting options and new views (list and icon) in the voucher reception.
  • Enhancements of external window for attachment preview when keeping documents (for you with multiple screens). 
  • Opportunity for project and department on advanced appendices.
  • Mini customer / supplier / account card at input fields for a better overview of what you choose with, among other things, a description that you can enter yourself.
  • Printer-friendly version of Catacloud, so you can print reports quickly without exporting if a current report is not yet supported.

Further improvements

If you have any thoughts or wishes for development or improvements, just contact support. We receive and evaluate several requests a week and want to have you involved in being able to offer the best system for accounting and ERP. It may be what you want is something we have on the plan pretty soon, but if there is something special you have discovered or thought out, we are especially interested in hearing from you!

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