Update – November 2022

Illustrasjon bank integrasjon oppdatering

We are pleased to announce a new and better version of Catacloud! The team behind Catacloud has worked on several exciting features, and has now gained integration with banks and Altinn, among other things. Together with ZTL, we have put in place an integration that coordinates online banking and accounting. This means that you don't have to go into the online bank to pay bills, check your balance, see an overview of transactions and more.

Bank integration

In the banking module, we have worked to ensure that you get a first-class online banking experience. We have created a register for bank accounts so you can easily pay your bills, reverse an incorrect payment or pay salaries to your employees. The bank integration can be activated under the module settings for Bank on Administration. Here you can read more about the banking module.

Skjermbilde bankintegrasjon oppdatering

Import of accounts from other systems (SAF-T)

It is now very easy to include customers, suppliers, chart of accounts, departments, projects and accounts when you switch to Catacloud. We are continuously working on adding support and verifying imports from several systems. You can choose to import when creating a company in Catacloud, but you can also find options for this under «Administration → Data transfer».

Skjermbilde av import med SAF-T fil

Proportionate VAT

You can now enter your own VAT codes for use for proportional VAT. You can manage and enter this under «Administration → Accounting → Proportional VAT». The new codes will appear where it is natural according to the type of VAT code.

Submission of VAT statement to Altinn

Delivery of VAT returns is easier than ever, straight from Catacloud. After you have created a VAT statement and locked the period, you can simply click live and log in with BankID so that we can submit the statement for you. Receipts and payment information appear directly in the system and can be easily paid if you owe VAT.

An update on Catacloud AS

We are growing, not only in functionality and customer base, but also now with more employees! It has been a hectic period that we have put behind us where we have hired 5 new people and are looking for more.

If you have made contact via chat lately, you may have already said hello to Jakob.

Other improvements

We have made a number of improvements to time registration and project management in this update.

The day goes by quickly and we launch small updates with improvements continuously and we can therefore announce that we have released a bunch of small improvements and adjustments to the system.

Thanks for following along!

We are so grateful to everyone who participates and everyone who gives us feedback.

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