Update - September 2021

September oppdatering illustrasjon

We are constantly taking Catacloud further and have now added even more features in September's major update and we look forward to hearing what you think.

Bank reconciliation

We have now put in place a reconciliation of a bank in Catacloud. There is support both for starting from a bank statement on PDF, and for importing bank transactions exported from your bank. With the latter, you can easily match the transactions with the accounts and easily find discrepancies. It is also possible with fast-booking such as fees and interest.

Bank-avstemming i Catacloud

Once you have reconciled the account for a month, you lock the period in that account so that no one can make additional payments or make changes to the accounts against that account.

Customer and vendor settings

It is now possible to enter more settings on suppliers and customers. The supplier has, among other things, received support for a bank account and for customers you have several options for invoicing such as language, currency, discount and standard delivery method. 

Nye kunde-innstillinger i Catacloud

Preferences and automation

Forslag til kontovalg i Catacloud

At the supplier, you also now have the option of entering a standard cost account, which will then be pre-filled in with the supplier invoice. Pre-filling is not always suitable, so we have also submitted suggestions account on supplier invoices based on history. 

File update 

We really want to provide a raw experience of file / document storage in Catacloud and have, among other things, made some improvements where you can now drag in an entire folder of files and we not only upload the files, but keep your folder structure .
As if drag-and-drop and regular upload are not enough, we have now added support for pasting files with Ctrl + V or Cmd + V on mac.

Filopplasting med mappestruktur i Catacloud

Other small changes and improvements

Sometimes it's okay to just get an overview of changes. There is not much exciting to say about all these different changes, but much of this is in demand we have heard in their feedback.

  • Export of VAT return now contains a basis that you can find if you click on the various items.
  • IBAN and BIC / SWIFT have now been added to the invoice template and some other visual overhauls have also been made.
  • History log on submitted document now shows the e-mail address that sent the document if there is no user matched with the address.
  • Project and department are now displayed in invoice lists on large screens.
  • We have corrected some errors around the project and department on invoice drafts.
  • Corrected reversal of vouchers that did not trigger notification of change in VAT return.
  • Fixed errors during arrow navigation in document attachments and the files module, as well as the status of uploading many files in the correct folder.
  • Log off all KID payments available under bank settings. This contains a lot of information that otherwise disappears in bank statements etc.
  • Fixed some bugs where you could change your organization number and billing bank account number even though EHF and KID were active.
  • Fixed a bug where voucher file was not linked correctly with invoice at vendor invoice.
  • Fixed errors on payment transactions in some cases where you reversed a voucher with payments.
  • Added history of an invoice's status changes (reminder etc.).
  • Added several delivery methods on credit note and reminder.
  • Clear labeling of EHF in the voucher reception.
  • Fixed some bugs that sometimes occurred on assignments during assignment and fixed button for new subtask.

Further improvements

If you have any thoughts or wishes for development or improvements, just contact support. We receive and evaluate several requests a week and want to have you involved in being able to offer the best system for accounting and ERP. It may be what you want is something we have on the plan pretty soon, but if there is something special you have discovered or thought out, we are especially interested in hearing from you!

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