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Our story

Catacloud was started in 2017 with a dream of innovating and renewing accounting and business tools. We wanted to create a platform where you get an overview and which speaks well with other tools you use, therefore we have a lot of focus on providing opportunities for other developers for integration.

We are currently based in Tønsberg, Oslo and Kolbotn, surrounded by accounting firms and start-ups. We believe that one of our success factors is that we are so close to the daily users of the system. The road is therefore short from feedback to development. At the same time, we have a clear plan for where we want to go.

The team behind Catacloud

Eivind Areklett Norebø
Managing Director

Eivind is a purposeful leader with extensive experience in business and corporate governance. He has been general manager, chairman or board member of several successful companies, and has also been chairman of Catacloud since 2022. With dedication and strategic insight, he sets the course, and leads Catacloud's daily operations with a clear vision.

Håkon Holhjem
Håkon Holhjem
Head of Product

The visionary behind Catacloud and has the main focus on the solution's entirety and user experience. With over 14 years of experience as a programmer and broad expertise in graphics and media, Håkon has both started and participated in several start-up companies.

Frode Kølner
Frode Kølner
Product Advisor

Frode is a humanist and has a long history as certified public accountant. He is a visionary who has started up and been involved in many companies over a long period of time. He ignites new ideas and is not afraid to take a risk.

Anders Mathiesen
Head of Technology

Anders has several years' experience as a programmer, and has been an entrepreneur in several companies. He likes to develop tools that are user-friendly and useful. As a developer in Catacloud, he gets to sharpen his skills by creating solutions that he wishes he had as an entrepreneur.

Pål Skari
Project Lead

Pål has a background in finance and administration, and computer science. After many years of study, he is with us and working on the further development of Catacloud. On the side of his studies, he has also run his own startup and created slightly different websites.

Adrian Falch Karlsen

Adrian is an experienced programmer with an entrepreneurial background. He has a passion for programming and particularly focuses on architecture. Adrian believes in solving challenges through smart architecture instead of lots of proprietary code. At Catacloud, he uses his expertise to create flexible and maintainable solutions. His holistic perspective and ability to optimize systems make him a valuable asset in the team.

Brian Opedal

Brian is a multi-artist with long and wide experience. He takes most things head on, whether it's DevOps or front-end development. Previously, he has worked in companies such as Tise, Lånekassen and the Kongsberg group.

Dovlat Yakshibayev

Dovlat is a committed technology enthusiast with extensive experience as a freelance IT consultant. He has a passion for software development and has the ability to transform complex ideas into practical solutions. In his current role at Catacloud, Dovlat contributes by delivering valuable solutions and improving the company's digital achievement.

Christian Ringen
Marketing Manager

Kristian has broad experience from sales and media production. He has long worked with the training of both well-established and new employees in various companies and industries. In Catacloud, he works with training and marketing communications. Kristian runs a sole proprietorship as a photographer on the site.

Benjamin Åkerlund
Marketing Coordinator

Benjamin has many years of experience in content production, customer service and copywriting. He combines his academic background in philosophy and psychology with a passion for aesthetics and design, and works in Catacloud with communication and branding.

Florence Kröger-Smedmann
Customer Success Manager

Florence has extensive experience in customer service, administration and accounting. As a passionate technology enthusiast, she embraces innovation that streamlines and optimizes work processes. Florence is known for her infectious positive energy, dedication to delivering first class service, and genuine interest in seeing our clients succeed.

work with us?

We are constantly looking for more talented minds who will be with us on the journey!