Accounting firms that use us

There are several accounting firms that use Catacloud. Here you can find an overview of those who are certified Catacloud partners.

A certified partner is an agency that we know Catacloud well and that passes our quality test. If a partner is of a certain size, they have the opportunity to become a gold partner.

If you want more information about Catacloud's partner program or want to become a partner, just get in touch.

Our partners

Sky Accounting logo

Located in Tønsberg and Holmestrand.

Elverum Regnskapsservice logo

Head office in Elverum with department in Oslo.

PT-Regnskap logo

Located in Oslo. Performs accounting at a fixed price for Personal Trainers.

Helseregnskap logo

Head office in Larvik with department in Oslo. Performs accounting for companies in the health industry.