Last updated: 1 November 2023 – Version 2. rev. 10


Catacloud AS shall protect your privacy according to current laws and regulations as a data processor and data controller, both because we are required by law to do so, but not least as we want to take seriously our clients' wishes and needs to have the greatest possible control and ownership of their data in our solution.

We capture data related to personal and company information on the websites for use in marketing, analysis and statistics, but not least for the purpose of being able to improve our solution.

By accessing, retrieving information from, and / or using associated services on our websites, you give your consent to our privacy statement.

Catacloud AS complies with Norwegian privacy legislation, and both solutions and storage are carried out in a way that satisfies strict security requirements.

Catacloud AS - The legal party to the agreements is Catacloud AS, but the solution is found below and which consequently in the agreement is intended as the same service, product and party.

Catacloud AS meets the legal requirements for GDPR as stipulated in the EU Privacy Regulation (Regulation 2016/679).


Contact information

If you have questions, comments, wishes or if for any reason abuse should occur, suspicion of abuse of any kind, we have set up a separate emergency preparedness function where key people with us will be able to assist immediately.


Persons working in emergency preparedness related to privacy:

Håkon Holhjem, M. 997 87 220 - Technical
Frode Kølner, M. 900 04 114 - questions related to the agreement.



1. What and what information do we register and process about you?


In short, the sources can be divided into three main categories:

  1. Information you provide
  2. Information collected when using the service
  3. Information from third parties


1.1. Information you provide

Catacloud AS primarily collects information you provide to us (point 1), and about the use of our services.

When you create a user profile with us in Catacloud AS, sign up to receive newsletters from us, or sign up for courses with us, you register your contact information, among other things. This can be, for example, name, place of residence, telephone number, e-mail address or IP address. This information is stored in our database to provide or ensure delivery of the service you have ordered, as well as to improve our services and to prevent misuse. We also store information when you contact us, for example when you send an e-mail to the customer center, so that we can answer your questions.


1.2. Information collected when using the service

We register information when you use services and functions on the website and in the system, to recognize and learn more about you as a user. The information obtained may include information about your user behavior (for example, how you navigate the solution, which links you click on), as well as information about the device you use via cookies and pixel tags (masked IP address, browser service, operating system, etc.).

The information obtained must be relevant and we will limit the basis for data collection to the purpose for which it is intended to be used (data minimization).

Here you can find more information about cookies / cookie tags / pixel tags:


1.3. Information from third parties

The information received from third parties is general information that links you to a group with similar characteristics or behaviors, such as assumptions about where you or the company are located, information about the company's industry, key financial information.

Primarily, information from third parties will be obtained as a result of your requests for information, as a user of the system.

As of today, the following 3rd party suppliers have been used:

  1. Brønnøysund Register (

How do we use your information?

We use information about you to deliver and further develop our services and products, and make the service more adapted to your business and you as a user.

Among other things, we will use your contact information to:

  1. Send you newsletters
  2. Send you documents in connection with courses
  3. Manage your customer relationship (payment information, access levels, modules, etc.)
  4. Keep in touch with you and the company, after inquiries about support etc.
  5. We use cookies, among other things, for collecting statistics and for temporary temporary storage of information when you use various services.
  6. Analyze usage patterns to uncover irregularities that may be the background for abuse / fraud or the like.

The information collected is used to analyze the use of the website to improve the user experience and the "logic" of the solution for you as a user. The cookies are normally stored until the next time you visit the website, and are then replaced with new and updated information.

We also use Pixel Tags to get information about how effective an advertising campaign is and to customize the content of our websites based on the interests of our visitors.


Sharing of data with 3 parties

Catacloud AS shares the personal information with others only with the company's and users' consent, and then as part of Catacloud AS and the company's own services. Catacloud AS does not sell personal information to any parties, without the company or you using its specific consent.

Catacloud AS is subject to a legal obligation to disclose information to public authorities, as a result of court decisions, laws or regulations.

Catacloud AS uses various subcontractors who gain access to personal information to the extent necessary for the delivery. Examples of suppliers are customer centers and suppliers of various IT services.

Catacloud does not currently use any external 3rd party suppliers who have access to all or part of our solution beyond the following parties:



2. How and at what time is the information deleted?


The Personal Data Act gives several rights as follows:

  • To be able to withdraw a consent at any time
  • To request that personal information about you be corrected or deleted
  • To request access to personal information registered about you
  • To be able to oppose certain types of use of your personal information or to demand that the processing be restricted
  • Require information to be provided or transferred to a new service provider
  • To complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority (

Here you will find the "Act on the processing of personal data":

Catacloud AS stores information about the business for as long as is necessary in relation to the purpose of the processing and the statutory obligations we have according to the provisions of the Accounting Act, as well as the terms of use / service agreement.

More about the Accounting Act's provisions related to archiving, can be found here:§13


Catacloud AS has routines for storing and deleting personal information.

Personal data and information about the business, which you provide in connection with creating a client in Catacloud, are stored as long as you have a client in one or more modules. You and the business are considered "active customers" for 12 months after a subscription has ended. The storage of information is based on the fact that it should be possible to adapt the customer experience if you wish to resume the customer relationship, as well as in compliance with the Bookkeeping Act's requirements for the storage of history.

Behavioral data (information about use of the service) is stored for 18 months before being deleted.

Catacloud AS may choose to anonymize information instead of deleting it. It is not possible to link this information to a user of the services.

For example, we will store contact information for users and the business in Catacloud for as long as the Service Agreement runs.

The company or the user's contact information for the distribution of newsletters and course invitations will be kept until you opt out of receiving our newsletters and / or course invitations.

The information about you we have stored can be deleted by sending an inquiry to



3. Changes


Catacloud AS reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Statement.

The current Privacy Statement will be available on the website. Significant changes will be notified.