From paper to the cloud


The digitalisation trend, if you can call it that, has been going on for some years now, but what have we got out of this in today's accounting programs? Attachments are stored electronically in the cloud, as "digital paper" most often as PDF files. The accounts are still kept as before, and we have the same accounting rules we have had for many years. We believe that digitalisation must bring with it something more.

Namely a shift in mentality and mindset.

New opportunities - enormous potential

As developers of programs and services, we see many opportunities for innovation in accounting programs. Why should we lead or think the same way we did when we kept accounts by hand? Terms like debit and credit can be unfamiliar and confusing to many. Why do the reports have to look like they have done all these years? Why do we still deliver payroll reports as digital paper (PDF files), it can not be an interactive website?

We have so many more questions and ideas that we want to investigate and that we want to implement. Together with you who want to use Catacloud, we want to find out how far we can go and how much easier we can make your everyday life.


With new laws and requirements for banks, we see great opportunities. In the future, you will have your online bank as a module in Catacloud. You will get all transactions and can make and approve payments. Before, integrations had to be developed specifically for each bank and many banks did not support these forms of integration. Soon, all banks will support the same interface for communication with other systems.

Since we are such a new player in the market, we avoid the old ways of making integrations and can take advantage of new standards with many more possibilities. Catacloud will then be able to be an easier, faster and more advanced tool than most competing systems.

Artificial intelligence

Automatic processes and guides are something we all want. A button magic button that does all the accounting, there are probably many who have wished for when deadlines are approaching, and the numbers do not match. We at Catacloud are dedicated to implementing what we can of smart and intelligent systems. It will appear little by little, first as automatically completed proposals and later perhaps only as reports on automatically performed work.

It's easy to throw out buzz words like artificial intelligence, machine learning and Blockchain, but it's not so important to the end user how it works in the bottom. We want to build our solutions on what we see is most useful and most effective, not necessarily what is trending at the moment.

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