Product updates

Here is a small overview of what is launched from month to month

March 2024

Invoice and closing:

  • Changed structure for handling closure. We have added options for "Record Paid Fees" and "Remove Fees". This provides better functionality for invoicing and payment of fees (e.g. early payment fees and interest).
  • It has happened that closing does not work for fast accounting or posting of difference manually due to small decimals in the calculations, for example (0.0001). This has now been fixed.
  • We have improved logging for postings and closings, so that such actions and who performed them are now visible. However, it does not provide detailed information yet, but we are working on expanding and improving this functionality.
  • Payments via KID: Automatic registration of paid invoices when including interest and fees.
  • Registration of vouchers: Automatic creation of a payment voucher when marked as paid.
  • Ledger:
    • New filtering options for better searches.
    • Filter terms and search terms must be completed and actively searched before the search begins; auto search when typing in the search field started led to slowness, which has now been reduced with the new solution.
  • Tutorial videos: We have increased the production of new tutorial videos for efficient use of Catacloud. You can find these in our help center, and on spring YouTube channel.

February 2024

New filters for reporting

  • We have introduced new filters for reporting, which gives you more opportunities to compare results with the fjord year in more ways than before.
  • Improved export functionality for PDF and Excel files.

January 2024

New year, new updates! Here are some highlights from the first few weeks of 2024.

  • Fine-tuning of salary arrears (the one-to-many functionality is now improved)
  • Improved functionality for advanced vouchers and automatic completions.
  • Improved handling of SAF-T files, which effectively removes file size limitations.
  • Improved accuracy related to ear rounding.
  • Refinement of salary payments.

In the first half of 2024, we will also focus on the following:

Reporting functionality: We are working on launching extended reporting functionality, including comparison with last year. 

Banking functionality: We are working to improve the banking functionality. There are a number of challenges that are currently beyond our control, but we are determined to find solutions that will provide stable and efficient banking functionality in Catacloud. 

In all of this, our main focus remains simple: To make everyday life for accountants easier and more efficient. 

November 2023

ATTENTION! We are currently working on some changes to the backend system that deals with login. This will not have major impacts to begin with, but it will make it possible for us to eventually implement, among other things, two-factor authentication for logging into Catacloud. 

This change will cause some downtime in the system 29.11 at 18:00.

If you experience errors in the system after this, the solution will be to log out and back in. If you still experience errors, you must contact our customer service via chat or phone 960 03 377.


  • You can now set the invoice date back in time.
  • Automatic translation of chart of accounts based on country.
  • Added ability to link a custom account to an account from public chart of accounts.
  • Added function to link proportional VAT to a given account.
  • Added option to set account as inactive. An inactive account can no longer be entered against, but will appear in reports if it has been used previously. An inactive account can be reactivated.
  • The possibility of using an account when maintaining supplier invoices
  • Possibility to choose whether an account should be displayed as open entries in the general ledger (can be useful for accounts that cannot be closed)
  • Option to define whether an account should require a project, a department or a dimension to be used.
  • Functionality to add a standard dimension against which leads on a given account are always led.
  • Added the possibility that administrators can also withdraw attestations. 

September 2023

  • Support for American date format
  • Support for CSV import Nordea
  • New clear filter that streamlines the workflow. You can find the filter in the Invoicing and Accounting modules
  • Improved the start-up guide, in the Overview module.
  • Expansion of age-distributed open records. Can now use due date or invoice date + filter.
  • Export of age-distributed open records.
  • Improving the flow of bank payments
  • Optimization and security measures in bank payment processes to prevent incorrect payments

August 2023

Net salary

Payroll processing in Catacloud is now offered in collaboration with Nettlønn. This is an intuitive and scalable payroll module that is easy to use. Nettløn has built-in functions that enable quick registration of salary items, and transfers accounting vouchers automatically from the payroll module to the accounting module.

Other improvements

  • Archive and restore customers, suppliers, accounts, products, projects, departments, custom dimensions, proportional VAT codes
  • Option to set up a company "under establishment", i.e. without an organization number
  • Action center on the front page now shows certifications waiting for you
  • Closing of open records with ear rounding
  • More advanced management with closing of open records
  • Simpler and more efficient administration of regular invoicing.
  • Create subscriptions for services or products with different billing plans (weekly, monthly, yearly).
  • Automatic generation and sending of invoices at agreed times.
  • Document receipt log. Overview of documents that have been received and notice if any of these have failed.
  • Improved voucher import of GBAT10 with invoice number and KID
  • Better division of profit and balance reports
  • Better options for canceling attestations

May 2023

Locking of accounting periods

Catacloud has now launched a new and improved version of accounting closure. You can find this under administration -> accounting.

To lock a period, select a date you want to lock to. Once a date has been selected, it is not possible to edit the accounts before this date. If you have to edit the accounts, you have the option to unlock the accounts. You do this by choosing a "lock date" back in time. It is important to enter a comment for why the period was reopened.
History with who has locked, unlocked as well as date and comment is saved and available.

"Registrants who store recorded information electronically as a basis for
preparation of specifications of mandatory accounting reporting, shall close
the accounting periods." Ref NBS 1, ch 8.1. This also applies to those who do not submit a VAT return.


Launched support for subscriptions (ie recurring billing). This will give you as a user a simpler and more efficient way to manage regular invoicing.

With this new function, you will now be able to create subscriptions for services or products that you invoice regularly to your customers. You will also be able to set up different billing plans, such as weekly, monthly or yearly, depending on your needs.

By using invoice subscription, the program will automatically generate your invoices and send them out to your customers at the agreed times. This will give you a simpler and more streamlined invoicing process, and you will also be able to save time and resources.

We hope this new function will be of great help to you and your company. If you have questions or need help setting up subscriptions in the accounting program, you can contact our customer support.

April 2023

Maestro integration

Catacloud + maestro = effective annual settlement! This means that Catacloud's customers can seamlessly transfer their accounts to Maestro to carry out annual settlements. Maestro is a solid, user-friendly and flexible annual settlement program, which is set up for the new tax return.
The annual return can be an extensive process that requires a lot of time and resources, especially when it comes to completing and submitting the tax return. 
With Maestro, this becomes both easier and more efficient.

Other improvements

  • Improved attestation functionality for efficient handling of invoice approvals.
  • Selection of permanent approvers, number of certifiers and amount limits for approval.
  • Requirements for previous refusals in the case of new approval.
  • Requirements for departmental or project manager approval for specific transactions.

March 2023

Mobile version

  • The main menu and navigation bar have been redesigned to improve the user experience.
  • The most important functions and tools are now easier to find and are easily accessible from the navigation bar.
  • Better responsiveness for a more seamless experience.
  • You can now take photos directly from the mobile app and upload them to the voucher reception.