January 2024

New year, new updates! Here are some highlights from the first few weeks of 2024.

  • Fine-tuning of salary arrears (the one-to-many functionality is now improved)
  • Improved functionality for advanced vouchers and automatic completions.
  • Improved handling of SAF-T files, which effectively removes file size limitations.
  • Improved accuracy related to ear rounding.
  • Refinement of salary payments.

In the first half of 2024, we will also focus on the following:

Reporting functionality: We are working on launching extended reporting functionality, including comparison with last year. 

Banking functionality: We are working to improve the banking functionality. There are a number of challenges that are currently beyond our control, but we are determined to find solutions that will provide stable and efficient banking functionality in Catacloud. 

In all of this, our main focus remains simple: To make everyday life for accountants easier and more efficient.