May 2023

Locking of accounting periods

Catacloud has now launched a new and improved version of accounting closure. You can find this under administration -> accounting.

To lock a period, select a date you want to lock to. Once a date has been selected, it is not possible to edit the accounts before this date. If you have to edit the accounts, you have the option to unlock the accounts. You do this by choosing a "lock date" back in time. It is important to enter a comment for why the period was reopened.
History with who has locked, unlocked as well as date and comment is saved and available.

"Registrants who store recorded information electronically as a basis for
preparation of specifications of mandatory accounting reporting, shall close
the accounting periods." Ref NBS 1, ch 8.1. This also applies to those who do not submit a VAT return.


Launched support for subscriptions (ie recurring billing). This will give you as a user a simpler and more efficient way to manage regular invoicing.

With this new function, you will now be able to create subscriptions for services or products that you invoice regularly to your customers. You will also be able to set up different billing plans, such as weekly, monthly or yearly, depending on your needs.

By using invoice subscription, the program will automatically generate your invoices and send them out to your customers at the agreed times. This will give you a simpler and more streamlined invoicing process, and you will also be able to save time and resources.

We hope this new function will be of great help to you and your company. If you have questions or need help setting up subscriptions in the accounting program, you can contact our customer support.