May 2024

Optimized Invoicing and Accounting

  • Date filter for invoice basis: Improved filtering that now works seamlessly.
  • Auto search of customer name: More user-friendly and efficient auto search function.
  • Supplier selection when creating vouchers: Easier and more accurate selection of suppliers.
  • Validation of voucher lines: The system now validates whether the voucher lines agree with the total amount.

Improved EHF and Bank integration

  • General improvements for EHF: Increased reliability and efficiency in EHF invoicing.
  • Performance updates for bank payments: Faster and more transparent handling of bank payments.
  • Administration of bank accounts: Administrators can now manage consents, also of others.

Better user experience and mobile functionality

  • Longpress function on mobile: Fully functional and improved right-click menu (hold your finger to bring up the menu).
  • Improved navigation on mobile: Optimized for a more intuitive experience.
  • Preview of invoices on mobile: Improved display and usability on mobile.

Streamlining of accounting and record keeping

  • Registration of payments on vouchers: The system now creates a new voucher for payments, provides better control and easier reversal of payments.
  • Due date column in reports: New column for a better overview of payment deadlines.
  • Registration of KID payments with interest and fees: Accurate recording of full or partial payments including interest and fees.