March 2024

Invoice and closing:

  • Changed structure for handling closure. We have added options for "Record Paid Fees" and "Remove Fees". This provides better functionality for invoicing and payment of fees (e.g. early payment fees and interest).
  • It has happened that closing does not work for fast accounting or posting of difference manually due to small decimals in the calculations, for example (0.0001). This has now been fixed.
  • We have improved logging for postings and closings, so that such actions and who performed them are now visible. However, it does not provide detailed information yet, but we are working on expanding and improving this functionality.
  • Payments via KID: Automatic registration of paid invoices when including interest and fees.
  • Registration of vouchers: Automatic creation of a payment voucher when marked as paid.
  • Ledger:
    • New filtering options for better searches.
    • Filter terms and search terms must be completed and actively searched before the search begins; auto search when typing in the search field started led to slowness, which has now been reduced with the new solution.
  • Tutorial videos: We have increased the production of new tutorial videos for efficient use of Catacloud. You can find these in our help center, and on spring YouTube channel.