How to save money on accounting

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We have made a list of some tips for you that will save you money on accounting. Even if you do not do the accounting yourself, it is possible to save a lot of money with a few simple steps. Whether you are a business owner or just thinking of starting something, these are simple points that your accountant may take for granted.

5 tips on how to save money on accounting

Maybe you have some more tips? Here are our tips:

1. Early out with vouchers

Always be early to deliver vouchers to the accountant or upload the vouchers to the accounting program. One of the things that accountants spend the most time on is getting hold of and keeping track of documents. By always giving all bills, receipts and other vouchers to the accountant, you can save the accountant a lot of time which in turn gives you a cheaper price (usually).

Most accounting programs create a separate e-mail address for your company, where you can submit vouchers as attachments by e-mail. For example, you can enter this into the copier if you have one, so you can easily scan vouchers directly into the accounting program. Having a little extra order in the paperwork and capturing invoices that come in the mail can do a lot for your collaboration with the accountant. If you do not get to scan all vouchers, they will be stored together in one place.

If you ask your suppliers to send an invoice by EHF instead of by e-mail or post, you can help your accountant save time. With EHF, invoices are sent straight into the accounting program almost completely completed. EHF may cost a little extra, but is usually worth it with the time saved on accounting, whether it is your own time or the accountant's time. Read more about EHF here.

2. Collaboration with the accountant

It is important that you have an accountant you can be open and honest with, someone you trust. The accountant is someone you pay to help you with the accounts and a good collaboration is important for the accountant to do a good job. If you do not have a complete overview or have debt collection cases, you are better off with the accountant being aware of this so that they can help you make good decisions, and that there will be no extra surprises that contribute to a lot of correction work.

If you have found a good accountant you are happy with and cooperate well with, it is very wise to keep it, because there are a lot of different accountants out there. If you feel you should have a new accountant, this is something we can help you with, just get in touch in the chat or fill out a form at contact us since.

Invoice yourself

Invoicing customers is something you can do yourself and that is easy in most accounting programs. If you are unsure, you may want to check with an accountant when VAT codes and accounts are selected, but this is usually something that is only set up once and then you can invoice without thinking about how this is entered in the accounting program. It is important to have good communication with the accountant or those who keep the accounts and clarify what you should do yourself and what you should put away.

4. Distinguish between private and business

One of the big headaches accountants often have is companies that mix a lot between personal and corporate finances. It can be tempting to only use the same bank account when starting a sole proprietorship for the first time. Many also outsource privately to the company, which in turn creates extra work with accounting. Have your own business account and stick to it. It will then be much easier for the accountant to look over the account statement and see if there are any documents that have been forgotten or missed. Use the business card when it is business-related and the private card when it is private, and the account printout will be in order.

5. Change accounting system

You can also save a lot of money by switching accounting software. Some accounting programs have a lot of hidden costs where you can quickly get much higher bills than expected. In Catacloud we have a simple and predictable pricing model. We are happy to help you switch over, either with or without an accountant. If you want to test out Catacloud, you can do it easily by create a user here.

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