The system that gives the accountant control

Easy start-up of clients and easy pricing. Manage and create users yourself and provide access to billing, files, and reports. Catacloud puts the accountant in the driver's seat — as it should be.

Easy for the customer should not mean difficult for you

Catacloud is the system that makes accounting easy and intuitive for both parties!

On teams with competence

It requires more than one fast-paced accounting program. We understand the importance of and value competence, and have designed Catacloud with you in mind as a professional, so that you can work as efficiently and quickly as possible.

By accountants, for accountants

Say goodbye to cumbersome systems and endless menus. Catacloud makes being an accountant efficient and fun!

Advanced without being complicated

Catacloud has all the advanced features and terminologies you are used to, while being simple and intuitive for the end customer!

Stress-free interaction with your customers in the cloud

Engage your customers to take an active part in the accounts without having to clean up their mess afterwards. Easy for them and effective for you!

File sharing that works

Share files with your customers in the task, project and file area- without costing you or your customers anything extra.

All modules included

Get access to timekeeping, project management and CRM from the start. Activate the modules needed - no extra charge!

Tools that simplify everyday life

A good accounting system should not get in the way between you and your customers. We have not spared anything to make Catacloud a system that makes everyday accounting much easier and more efficient for all parties!


Get complete control of your accounts with a system that is easy to navigate and easy to understand. Functional, but user-friendly.


Lightning fast and professional invoicing with your design and automatic mailing via EHF*, e-mail or post. Follow up the status of all your invoices in one place.


Fast and intuitive time registration whether you are on the go or in the office. Get the overview you need and send the bill when you are ready!

Project management

Give your team full control and an overview of the tasks they face and how they are doing with the project.

Insightful dashboard

See how much money goes in and out of your business at any given time so you can make informed decisions.

Invite to collaboration

Invite a colleague or your accountant to collaborate, at no extra cost to you.

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