Find an accountant near you. Below you can find good accountants who know our systems and whom we at Catacloud recommend in Norway.


ECIT provides services within accounting, HR services and payroll services, recruitment, consultancy, debt collection and credit checks.


Idrettsregnskap AS

Specialist in accounting for sports teams and associations. It is often difficult to recruit volunteers to take care of the accounting in sports teams and associations. Through all our positions and experience in the sport, we know what it takes to perform the club's accounting tasks in the right way.

Merverdiregnskap logo

Merverdiregnskap AS

Value Added Accounts has done accounts, led payroll, helped with self-declaration and done annual accounts ever since it was started in 1978. Today, they deliver good and customized accounting services for companies of all sizes.

Helseregnskap logo

Helseregnskap AS

Health accounting specializes in accounting for companies in the health sector and has, among other things, many doctors and specialists as customers.

Christiania Regnskapskontor logo

Christiania Regnskapskontor AS

Christiania Regnskapskontor helps entrepreneurs, freelancers, craftsmen and managers in small and medium-sized companies with accounting services from A to Z.

Adma AS logo

Adma AS

Adma is a specialist in legal accounting, but also provides advice and services in accounting, payroll and financial advice.

Rubix Økonomi AS

Rubix Økonomi AS

Rubix Økonomi is a modern accountancy agency, which can assist in accounting services from A to Z. Rubix Økonomi has the customer in focus and sees communication as an important factor in achieving good cooperation.

PT-Regnskap logo

PT-Regnskap AS

NPT Accounting is an accounting firm that specializes in Personal Trainers. They have a collaboration with AFPT to the initiative.

Elverum Regnskapsservice logo

Elverum Regnskapsservice AS

Elverum accounting has always been concerned with quality and smart, efficient solutions and usually says that "accounting is no longer just accounting".

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