Student company

For those of you who run a student company, student company or youth company, we want to support with good tools for finance and business management.

Tomorrow's founder

When starting a company, there are many things to get acquainted with and get to know. We want the path into financial management and corporate governance not to be more difficult than it needs to be. Therefore, we want to provide a special offer to all student / student / youth companies.

In some cases, we will also provide this offer to companies that are in a startup phase but which are not directly a student company. We are passionate about you getting good systems and working with that contributes to a feeling of mastery and a good understanding of how to build a good company with full control.

Student som ler

Apply for the student package

Once you have created the company in Catacloud, you can apply for the student package here by filling out the form below.

Student packages

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For student / student / youth companies or start-ups in the early phase