Advanced accounting module with a simple user interface that provides the opportunity for increased efficiency. Accounting doesn't have to be boring!

Voucher inbox

A simple overview that motivates action. Upload via email or just drag and drop.

Editing documents

If you need to correct a voucher, it is super easy, and we take care of keeping everything correct so you have all the history.


Simple and straightforward the reports you expect from an accounting program with export to multiple formats.

Smart document management

In the voucher reception, you can easily merge or split vouchers with a few clicks. Just drag and drop to change the order.

PDF merging and splitting

In the document reception, you can easily merge or split PDF documents. No need for your own programs!

Tagging of attachments

Create labels with different colors that you can attach to attachments or files so that you quickly add information to the person who is going to lead.

Easy bookkeeping

Invoices you send from Cataclouds invoice module is automatically entered in the accounts, but there are other documents that are easily entered in Catacloud.

Adapted to multiple monitors

If you use several monitors, you can easily remove the document you are exporting in an additional window that you can have on an external monitor.

Easy guidance with document types

We have created voucher types with a customized guidance form that makes the voucher entry extra easy for these types.

Advanced for those who want

If you are an accountant or have good control of accounts, you can go down in debit and credit if you wish.

Bilde av skjema for nytt bilag
Skjermbilde av MVA-oppgave i Catacloud

Taxes and fees

You get a nice overview of the VAT return that reflects the form in Altinn for submitting the VAT return.

Full control of VAT returns

It is easy to see which VAT returns have been delivered and locked, and which ones need to be corrected. The overview can be found in the period selector.

Lock accounting periods

When you create a VAT return, you can lock the period for several entries. If several vouchers appear or something needs to be corrected, it is easy to open a period again.

Get started with accounting

In this short introductory video to the accounting module, you will get a quick and easy introduction to how to keep your first voucher in Catacloud.