Advanced accounting module with a simple user interface that provides the opportunity for increased efficiency. Accounting doesn't have to be boring!

Voucher inbox

A simple overview that motivates action. Upload via email or just drag and drop.

Editing documents

If you need to correct a voucher, it is super easy, and we take care of keeping everything correct so you have all the history.


Simple and straightforward the reports you expect from an accounting program with export to multiple formats.

Skjermbilde fra bilagsmottaket

As simple as "drag and drop"

In the voucher inbox, you can easily merge or split vouchers with a few clicks. Just drag and drop to change the order. You get a full overview of all the documents, but also good preview where you can browse the pages.

Easy guidance

If you have 2 monitors, you can easily get the form on one monitor and the document on the other. We have created our own forms for the most common types of vouchers, but if you keep something that requires more choices, you can always choose advanced voucher where you have full control over debit and credit. Although invoices you send from Cataclouds invoice module is automatically entered in the ledger, we have also entered a simple and user-friendly form for entering invoices sent from an external invoicing system.
Føring av bilag i Catacloud
Skjermbilde av MVA-oppgave i Catacloud

VAT Report

Full overview of VAT with reports and locking of the accounting period. It tells you when a change has occurred and you need to report tax changes.
You get a nice overview of the VAT return that reflects the form in Altinn for submitting the VAT return. It is also easy to see which VAT periods have been delivered and which are not in order in the period selector.

Get started with accounting

In this short introductory video to the accounting module, you will get a quick and easy introduction to how to keep your first voucher in Catacloud.