At Catacloud, we always have one thing in mind: technology must be designed on the user's terms. That's why we value ease of use in everything we do. The past year has offered challenges and progress, and we are proud of the growth we have had and the progress we see. Our team has grown, we've added new features and fine-tuned our systems based on valuable feedback from our amazing users. Here are some highlights from the past few months.

Now you get the job in the cloud - and the cloud right in your pocket!

Catacloud is available in a mobile version, with all the same functions you have on the web version. Take photos of receipts, schedule appointments, write and share notes with your team, and manage your projects – wherever you are! 

In short: everything you need, right in your pocket.


Our goal is for Catacloud to be a system that is compatible with integrations and 3rd party solutions that make your everyday life easier. Over the past year, we have worked closely with, among others, Nettlønn and Maestro to support direct integration from their solutions to Catacloud. These new direct integrations make everyday life more flexible and you don't have to export and import files.

NettLønn logo

Net salary

Since August, Catacloud has offered payroll processing in collaboration with Nettlønn. With Nettløn, you get an intuitive and scalable payroll module that is simple and intuitive, and has built-in functionality that enables quick registration of payroll items. With Nettløn, accounting vouchers are automatically transferred from the payroll module to the accounting module. You can read more about Net salary here.


With Maestro, you get a user-friendly and flexible annual settlement. The integration contributes to the seamless import of balances, transactions and vouchers from the accounting system as well as the return of additional postings back to Catacloud. You can read more about Maestro here. 


Earlier this autumn, we also launched an integration with Energi.AI, which means that you can quickly and easily get started with climate accounting. Once you have connected the systems together, Energi.AI's system will load and analyze the accounts with its artificial intelligence solution. You can read more about Energy. Ouch here.

Catacloud is now better, faster and stronger than ever!

We regularly update our systems to optimize the user experience. In October, we updated our servers, which gives you a system that responds up to 4x faster than before. This means less waiting time and more efficiency in the tasks you work on.


We have also updated our help articles with help texts that you will find here, and a regularly updated list of product updates can be found here.

The team continues to grow!

Our team continues to grow, and some of you may have already greeted Florence in the chat? Starting in June, Florence is known for her infectious positive energy, dedication to delivering first class service and genuine interest in seeing our clients succeed.

Florence Kröger-Smedmann

Pål Skari

Customer Success Manager

Project Lead

While some are more recent here in the office, some of us have already started to become more "permanent fixtures". One of them is Pål, who in September had already been with us for a year. You can read an interview with our Project Lead, Pål Skari on our LinkedIn page.

Håkon Holhjem

Head of Product

Anders Mathiesen

Head of Technology

We have also made some structural changes, so that Anders has now taken over the leadership responsibility for development as Head of Technology. Håkon Holhjem assumes the role of Head of Product, and will work purposefully with product development going forward. These are the right people in the right place, so this can only go one way!

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for all the feedback, input and suggestions - this is what makes us better. With you on the team, we will create tomorrow's tools for tomorrow's accountants.