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E-Invoicing, what is it?

You may be wondering what E-invoicing is or if this is something you need to consider. EHF or Electronic Trading Format, is a Norwegian adaptation to a common European invoice format.

You may be wondering what EHF invoicing is or if this is something you need to consider. EHF or Electronic Trading Format as it stands for, is a Norwegian adaptation to a common European invoice format. It is used by state, municipal and private enterprises to receive bills. All government organizations must demand an invoice in EHF format. As of 1 January 2015, all Norwegian municipalities are also required to be able to accept EHF invoices. Some municipalities and companies have already switched to EHF, and no longer accept invoices on paper or e-mail.

With EHF invoicing, an electronic invoice is sent directly from the sender's to the recipient's financial system. Because it is received and read automatically, you can be sure that it will reach the correct recipient quickly. To send EHF invoices, you must use an invoicing system that supports it. Otherwise you do not need any special agreements, neither with the bank nor others.

Send EHF invoice

More and more people require or want an EHF invoice, and therefore we have made it very easy for you. When you send an invoice in Catacloud and have turned on EHF, you will see if the recipient supports EHF by seeing if the option is in the list of delivery methods. We do an automatic check for you if the company you create an invoice for is registered in the ELMA register and that they therefore support the receipt of EHF invoices.

Receive EHF invoice

When EHF is activated, your suppliers can send you an invoice as EHF. It can save you or the accountant some work to receive invoices such as EHF, since the invoice is completed with almost all fields, so that bookkeeping is quick and easy. Invoices received at EHF will appear in the voucher reception in Catacloud, ready for bookkeeping and payment.

Activate EHF in Catacloud

You can find the settings for activating EHF under Administration and Billing. If you do not have Administration as an option in the module menu, you must contact the accountant or another administrator of your company in Catacloud. To be able to send and receive EHF invoices, you must be registered in the ELMA register. We do this automatically for you when you choose to activate EHF in Catacloud.

EHF is an additional service in Catacloud, you can look at the price list to see what it will cost.

Additional information

"Their reference" is required for EHF invoicing. This information is typically a resource number or equivalent that identifies the person or project of the recipient who ordered the invoice.

There are three prerequisites for being able to send an invoice as an EHF invoice:

  1. You must be registered with an organization number.
  2. The customer's organization number must be registered.
  3. The field «Your ref.» must be filled in on the bill. This field is mandatory on EHF bills.

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